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Swimming Lessons

Aqua Academy Swim Lessons, GosportWe believe in small classes which create an optimal teaching and learning environment for our swimming lessons; strong bonds are developed between teacher and swimmer as a consequence.

Safety is paramount and all swimmers are taught to treat the water with respect. They learn correct entry and exit techniques, treading water and other safety skills. The Aqua Academy swimming lessons follow the Swimming Teachers Association programme, and at the end of each term every swimmer is given the opportunity to gain badges and certificates.

Scroll down for information on levels and descriptions.

Levels and awards

Please read below for levels, descriptions, class sizes, and awards or contact us for more details. For session times and fees, please visit our Locations and pricing page.

Level   Description  
Starfish – Baby Swimming   The class offers water familiarisation, fun and water confidence.
The adult and the child will learn about safety, methods of support, floatation and movement.
First Steps – 3 to 4 years   Sessions without parents in the water. A fun lesson designed to introduce the basics of swimming.Class size: 4 children to 1 teacher (30 min lesson)
3 children to 1 teacher (20 min lesson)
First Steps
Dolphins – 4 years +            
Octopus   These levels offer the swimmer water confidence, floatation, kicking and the introduction of arms for front crawl and back crawl. Each child must be able to swim 5 metres front crawl and back stroke, and answer questions on water safety before progressing to Goldfish. Class size: 4 children to 1 teacher  
Octopus 1-3
Goldfish   Each child is required to swim 15 metres front crawl and backstroke and 5 metres breaststroke. They must also demonstrate life saving skills such as sculling, treading water and answer questions on water safety before progressing to Angelfish. Class size: 6 children to 1 teacher  
Goldfish 1-3
Angelfish   The emphasis is to increase efficiency on three of the four competitive strokes. A swimmer is required to swim 25 metres. An increased number of water skills are introduced together with personal survival. Class size: 6 children to 1 teacher  
Angelfish 1-3
Sharks (Advanced)              
Sharks   These levels concentrate on building stamina and stroke technique. All strokes are covered as are numerous skills such as tumble turns. The personal survival theme is continued with the additional training to perform rescues. Class size: 6 children to 1 teacher  
Shark 1-3
Advanced   For swimmers with an interest in competitive swimming. All aspects of training and competition are introduced. The ability to swim efficiently in all four competitive strokes is essential. Timed swims will be an integral part of this swim programme. Class size: 8 children to 1 teacher  
Advanced Bronze, Advanced Silver and Advanced Gold
Adults   We also have swimming lessons for adults.  

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